Use Your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with the TouchTrainer®

Create a Flight Plan using an EFB, program the GPS in your FlyThisSim® TouchTrainer® simulator then go rehearse your mission and train to use of your EFB as part of your mission.

Once you connect your FlyThisSim® TouchTrainer® to your EFB the TouchTrainer® transmits real time position and orientation data so you can see its simulated position on geo referenced maps and charts as well as in your EFB's synthetic terrain display and other instrumentation. If you are simulating real time weather the EFB weather will correlate providing real world trainingand experience using the tools you fly with in your cockpit.

The TouchTrainer® supports the following EFBs:

  • ForeFlight
  • FlyQ EFB
  • AvPlan EFB (Australia)
  • Wing X Pro
  • SkyDemon

The connection to supported EFB's is provided as a standard feature of All FAA Approved BATD TouchTrainer® Simulators